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Moka Pot (3 Cup)

Wake up in Italy with the original stovetop espresso maker. 

The invention of the Moka Pot in the 1930s by Alfonso Bialetti made espresso—long a staple of Italian cafés and bars—available at home. Today, this iconic design still makes it easy to brew a flavorful espresso at home - without any expensive equipment.

Product Details:

- Made in Italy
- Capacity 130ml
- Two-part cast aluminum design 
- Not dishwasher safe, rinse with water to clean
- Safe on gas or electric stovetops

How to Use:

Learn to how-to use the Moka Pot in our Brew Guide (we have secret little tip for making the perfect cup!)

The two-part design of the Moka Pot ensures the perfect water temperature for brewing espresso, and a rich, perfect cup. 

To use add ground coffee to the upper chamber and water to the lower chamber. Place over heat and bring to a boil. The boiling water pressure forces the water through the coffee grounds. Instantly transport yourself to Italy and enjoy!