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Intro here...

Could you give us a brief bio in your own words?

Do you have a morning or daily ritual? Has it shifted for you over time?

How did you come to live in Oaxaca? 

Can you tell us about how Neta came about? What were some of the posing questions you asked?

We learned that the word "Neta" holds more significance than its direct translation. What is the nuance behind the name?

How does mezcal play into the daily culture in Mexico, specifically in Oaxaca?

How did you come to be doing what you’re doing now? Did you always see this kind of life for yourself? (Was there any “Aha” moment for you that made a significant impact on your path?)

What’s your definition of “community”? How do architecture and physical space play apart?

How do you approach sourcing? Why does it matter?

On composting, farming, and CSAs: What are some ways we can integrate these values and practices into daily living, or at scales big and small?