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Schentell Nunn is the founder & lead designer of Los Angeles-based Offerings floral studio. We’ve been fans of her beautiful designs and arrangements for years, and were excited to learn more about her story, inspiration and creative process.

We recently went over to Schentell’s home for a visit and coffee. We didn’t have to travel far — it turns out, Schentell and her little family (she’s the mother of a toddler!) live in the same neighborhood as Ally & Casey. 

We hope you enjoy reading more about Schentell and seeing photos, taken as usual by our friend Justin Chung.

Photos by Justin Chung

Do you have a morning ritual? How has it changed over time?

What does a typical day or week look like for you?

Where did your journey with flowers begin?

How did you come to do what you do now, with floral arrangements? Was it something you always saw yourself doing? Or something that came about later.

What’s something about yourself that you’ve come to value over time?

Outside of your business, what other interests bring you joy, or make you feel most like yourself?

Five years ago, I wish I had known…