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Aeropress Clear Coffee Press

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Aeropress Clear Coffee Press

Invented in 2005 by a Stanford engineer the AeroPress combines the best of several brew methods into one easy to use, very portable device. The AeroPress requires no special gooseneck kettle or pouring technique - simply place the filter, combine a measure of finely ground coffee and hot water, give it a stir and press! 

Made from a crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan the AeroPress produces a sediment-free cup with medium body and a clean finish. Incredibly versatile, AeroPress brewers can be used to make coffees from espresso-like concentrates to brewed full cups and everything in between. 

Compact, durable, and lightweight so you can pack it in your bag and take it on the road. No more mediocre (at best) coffee from the hotel, office, Airbnb, ski lodge, camper…

Product Details:

- 4.75"D x 4.75"W x 11.75"H

- Makes 1 to 3 cups regular coffee or 1-3 espresso style shots per pressing

Made in USA

- Crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan

- Includes AeroPress Clear, scoop, stir stick, and filters

- Dishwasher-safe


How to Use:

Just combine hot water with your favorite coffee, stir and plunge. You'll know it's working when you hear the roaring sound only an AeroPress can make. When you're done, pop the "puck" of tightly packed grinds into the trash, rinse the plunger and you're done.