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Bona Pourover Kettle

Bona Pourover Kettle

There's something special in igniting the flame on our old stove to get the water heating up for our first coffee of the day. Maybe because it's one less digital component in our otherwise screen-filled worlds.

Whatever it is, we were thrilled when we found this kettle. It has all the components required for making great pour overs, with an aesthetic we find simple and warm.

Please note, these enamel kettles can chip over time. We personally use this kettle and view the coloring and chipping as part of its growing charm over time, but understand not everyone views it in the same way!

Product Details:

The kettle body is a two-tone enamel—white on the outside, dark speckled blue on the inside.

The gooseneck spout on the kettle enables a slower, more precise pour. This makes it possible to brew pour over coffees slowly and carefully, without sloshing large amounts of water!

The teak wood handle is comfortable to hold. This feature of the kettle was key for us, as prior kettles we worked with had metal handles that required using a kitchen towel to hold, fresh off the stove.

The lid has two tiny vents to enable steam to escape. The lid also has a little notch than keeps it in place when pouring. You only have to angle it up to take it off.

800 mL

7 in. H x 12 in. W x 5.4 in. D


Kettle should be washed by hand, occasionally. Oiling the teak wood will give its finish a longer life! Make sure to always keep an eye on the kettle, as leaving the heat on unattended will eventually vaporize the water and burn the kettle! If this happens (hey, it happens!), burn marks can usually be scrubbed off with a bristle brush.