A bag of Canyon Coffee Beachwood coffee packaging with gold foil
The back of a  bag of Canyon Coffee Beachwood coffee packaging with gold foil

Current Beachwood Coffee:

Producer: Pillimue Group
Origin: Colombia
Region: Inza de Cauca
Elevation: 1800-2000 MASL
Process: Washed
Certification: Organic


Beachwood holds a lot of meaning to us. The name comes from Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles, the canyon where we—Ally and Casey—met back in 2013. A place known for its vibrant energy and the creative people it attracts, Beachwood was a place of great growth for us both. Nestled above the noise of the city, it was a place where we felt grounded, inspired, and where great relationships thrived.

It's out of these sentiments—relationships, creativity, and inspiration—that we developed the idea for our Beachwood Coffee. Beachwood is the name on the bag, but inside are coffees to which we hold a special connection. Our goal is for Beachwood to be a showcase for fresh, seasonal coffees that we can talk about through story.

In terms of flavor, Beachwood will always champion the style of cup we sought to create when starting Canyon—smooth, balanced, and caramelly. A coffee that's easy to brew at home and hits the spot, every morning. This coffee is also our go-to for espresso, and we roast it with ample development time for ease of extraction and an espresso that tastes great black while holding its own with milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

About the Producer

The new Beachwood is from Inzá, a municipality in the department (state) of Cauca, Colombia. It was grown by the Pillimue Group, a group of farmers with the Pillimue family at the center of the operation. Inzá is nestled in the middle of the Colombian Massif, a mountainous region home to the sources of several of Colombia's major rivers, including the Magdalena, the Cauca and the Patia. Surrounded by volcanos, the altitude and the climate of the region make it perfect for growing specialty-grade coffee. The farmers here are mostly small producers and have been growing via traditional methods, without chemicals, for generations. 

The Pillimue Family, for which the group is named, led a program to obtain Organic Certification for 80 of the local farmers. These farmers have subsequently become leaders in the area, training other farmers in innovative organic practices like re-using waste and making bio-fertilizers.

They're part of the 600 producers whose coffees are exported by Pergamino, a really awesome Colombian-founded group that also roasts and has their own shops in Colombia. Pergamino pays anywhere from 30-300% over market prices to farmers for their coffees, so they are really making a big difference in the lives of farmers — many of whom were not only at the whim of the global coffee market, but (in the case of Cauca) a heavy FARC presence and subsequent violence that prevented them from getting their coffee out for export.

Past Origins

More About Beachwood

Beachwood Canyon is a special place to us not only because we met there, but because of how much we grew there, and for how it inspired us. It's always been a place favored by creative people. HP Blavatsky, Charlie Chaplin, Aldous Huxley, Charles Bukowski, and Dr. Seuss would have counted among our neighbors had lived there at an earlier time. While the canyon is frequented by tourists driving up to snap photos of the Hollywood sign, the locals pass quietly on by to their homes above the din of the city; enjoying quiet walks and utilizing the many staircases tucked away into the hills.

A bag of Canyon Coffee Beachwood coffee packaging with gold foil
The back of a  bag of Canyon Coffee Beachwood coffee packaging with gold foil