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Cold Brew Bottle

Minimal, yet warm, this glass bottle carafe and filter makes it easy to make delicious cold brew. We've perfected the recipe for making a delicious cold brew with your favorite Canyon (listed below!). After brewing, simply remove the filter and serve directly from the bottle.


Product Details:

- 11.75" tall and 3.25" wide, and holds 750 ml 
- Heatproof glass bottle with silicone lid
- The bottle is dishwasher-safe, however, we recommend washing the filter by hand


The Canyon Recipe:

Prior to initial use, give your new cold brew maker a good clean and rinse.

- Grind 60 grams of coffee (or a heaping half-cup, if you don’t have a scale!) coarsely — ideally with a burr grinder.

- After removing the top from the filter “compartment,” add your ground coffee and reattach the top

- Attach the compartment to the bottle top by twisting until it locks

- Attach the bottle top by pressing down onto the glass. Press all the way until the top naturally comes to a stop.

- Pop the cap off the bottle top, and pour water through the top until you’ve filled the bottle to the top of the mesh “rectangles” of the filter compartment.

- Replace the cap and shake gently, but thoroughly. Your goal is to ensure all your coffee grounds in the compartment are getting immersed in the water.

- Let the coffee brew in your refrigerator for at least 8 hours. The longer you let it brew, the more the coffee will extract (and the more caffeinated your cold brew will be!).

- After 8, but ideally no more than 12 hours, give the bottle another shake. Remove the bottle top and unscrew the filter. The coffee inside can be composted.

- Replace the bottle top. Remove the cap to pour cold brew out. Serve chilled over ice, and enjoy black or with your milk and/or sweeteners of choice!