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Travel Guide

Camp & Brew

There are many ways you can make coffee while camping, and different methods work well for different occasions. We put together this guide to share some basic tips from our experience, and give some suggestions for great ways to brew!

Sometimes the best way to take a break from the usual and change up our surroundings is to hop in the car and head to the woods (…or desert, or canyon, or beach).

We all share a deep-rooted need for wilderness. Nothing else has such an ability to invigorate and inspire.

—And perhaps nothing beats a delicious cup of coffee in the outdoors. Bringing the grounding and comfort of our treasured morning ritual on the road with us is part of the fun.

Our approach to camping is casual — we don’t consider ourselves camping experts! But we do plan ahead to have a good cup of coffee, and this guide is to help you do the same.

Happy camping!

Ally & Casey

Camp & Brew: The Foundation


Make sure to bring filtered water for coffee in addition to what you’ll need to stay hydrated! For large parties, or long road trips, we recommend bringing a 5 gallon jug so you can refill without buying/wasting plastic.


Invest in a camp stove! You can either go for a classic single or two burner stovetop, or a minimal model by Snow Peak or Jetboil. Either option will enable you to use an analog kettle like our enamel Bona.


To keep things simple, pre-grind your coffee prior to your trip (or roll with our instant coffee). For the ultimate fresh grind, invest in a hand-grinder!


When car camping, we always bring a square crate that contains all of our coffee and other camping gear. We wrap any glass or coffee mugs in cloth napkins for a safe trip! One crate usually has enough space to fit the following:

–   A Chemex or other brew device

–   Small camp stove + gas

–   Coffee

–   Filters

–   Hand grinder (if you’re using!)

– Scale (if you really want to brew with precision)

– Mugs

– Cloth napkins/towels

– Other camping gear (headlamp, TP, lighter, candles, bug spray, etc)

Canyon Instant

For the nimble, light packer, hike-in camper or mountain climber.

Why It's Great

Quick. Minimal gear (just hot water and a mug) without sacrificing on deliciousness!


Try it over ice with your favorite milk for an iced latte on the go!

Three Ways To Brew

Aeropress | Chemex | French Press



Brewing for 1 or 2, when you want to enjoy the brewing ritual.

Why It's Great

Small, lightweight, durable. Volume indicators enable precise recipes without a scale. Delivers a fantastic cup.


Make sure to use plenty of fresh-boiled hot water to properly pre-heat the Chemex AND your mugs.



Brewing for 2 or more, when car camping (not hiking in).

Why It's Great

One of the most delicious (and beautiful) ways to brew; our favorite pour over ritual!


Make sure to use plenty of fresh-boiled hot water to properly pre-heat the Chemex AND your mugs.

French Press


Camping with two or more people, when you just want to serve delicious coffee quickly and easily with little fuss.

Why It's Great

Easy, quick, doesn’t require filters.


For camping specifically, there are French presses made from lightweight, durable materials. There are also even attachments to turn your Jetboil stove into a press! Just be careful not to put ground coffee into boiling water as it will over-extract and make for a bitter brew! Let the water cool a minute or two.