Chemex (8 Cup)

Chemex on a white coffee scale | Canyon Coffee

The Chemex coffee-maker was instrumental in our growing passion for coffee. 

It was coffee made by a Chemex one day that gave us that "Aha" moment: "So this is what coffee can taste like!" A few weeks later, Casey accidentally broke the french press while washing it in the sink. When he went to get a new press, he ended up coming home with a Chemex instead, and we've been making pour-over's ever since!

When visiting the Abiquiu, NM, home of our hero and inspiration, Georgia O'Keeffe, we were thrilled to see two handblown glass Chemex sitting on the shelves of her pantry where she left them. 

And so at last, you, too, can make coffee like Georgia O'Keeffe! The 8 cup Chemex provides the option to make coffee for more than 2 people, but it also works just fine making coffee for one! For best consistency, we recommend using a scale. But great results can also be achieved through using a consistent measurement (like our coffee scoops).

What makes the Chemex so great is its build results in the water filtering through the coffee at a slower pace. A combination of immersion and pourover extraction, the filter contributes to a very smooth flavor. Total brew time is typically 6 minutes. 

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Chemex on a white coffee scale | Canyon Coffee