Coffee Subscriptions

Canyon Coffee Subscription | Organic Coffee delivered regularly to your door!

 Canyon, to your door, on the regular | Canyon Coffee subscription

More of our friends and family are signing up for our Coffee Subscription. It's a great way to keep Canyon Coffee stocked in your kitchen or office. It also comes with a discount!

 How it works: Step-by-step instructions for starting a Canyon Coffee subscription

Limu Kosa, Ethiopia Organic Coffee Subscription Canyon Instant Coffee Subscription 

Canyon Coffee's instructions to starting an organic coffee subscription


Why Canyon?

We're pretty hands-on with our coffee subscription—it's not all algorithms and programming. So if you ever want to change up your coffee or delivery schedule, all you need to do is shoot us a message and we'll change it up for you!

Current subscriptions available for Limu Kosa, Tolima Especial and our Instant Coffee.