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What is coffee?




Washed Process

In the washed processing method, cherries are soaked in water to soften and ferment. The cherries are then sorted by quality (with “bad” cherries being removed), and the skin and fruit is “depulped” either through a series of chutes, mechanically, or a combination.

With the fruit removed, the seeds are then kept in vats of water to complete fermentation and enable removal of the fruit pectin from the seeds.

Natural Process

In the natural method, the entire cherry is placed out to dry in the sun, typically on patios. This enables the seeds to continue absorbing flavor as they ferment inside the cherry. Once the cherries reach the desired moisture content, the seeds are depulped, removing the now brittle pectin and skin. 

Naturals have the potential for producing vibrant, fruit-forward cups. Without great precision, though, they can wind up with unpleasant flavors.