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RECIPE — Churupampa on V60

This recipe using our Churupampa really highlights the sweeter aspects of this coffee, with the jasmine and honey traits coming through first and settling into the deeper tropical fruit notes. 

Churupampa feels like: A lively spring morning with jasmine in the air. A honey-topped bowl of fruit to start the day.

What you'll need — 

Ratio: 1 : 15.5
Brew time: 3:50 min

Instructions  —

1. Setup your V60, Hario Glass Server and scale. 

2. Heat up your kettle to 204F, if you do not have a temperature controlled kettle you can bring your water to a boil and let it sit to cool for 1-3mins to reach the appropriate temperature before making contact with your coffee. 

3. Fold your V60 filter at the crease, place it in your V60 and wet it with your hot water, discard any excess water.

4. Weight out and grind 32 grams on a medium-coarse grind setting. Note: if your brew time exceeds or is faster than the ideal brew time of 3:50 then adjust your grind slightly finer or coarser. 

5. Place the ground coffee into your V60 and use your small spoon or wooden stirrer to create a "well" with the coffee bed, starting at the center and moving your small spoon in an outwards circular motion, doing so will help you achieve a more even saturation with your bloom. 

6. Tare out your scale and slowly pour 65 grams of water (double the input weight) to "bloom" your coffee. Note: Start at the center of the coffee bed and move in a uniform spiral outwards saturating all grounds evenly. This technique will be used for the first two pours as well. 

7. At 50s start your first pour, pouring for approx 20s until you reach 150 grams, let rest for 10s. 

8. Second pour, at the same pace pour until you reach 300 grams, let rest for 10s.

9. Final pour. Pour until you reach the final desired weight of 500 grams. Take your small spoon, lightly stir once clockwise and once the other direction to even your coffee bed and knock any grounds that may be stuck to the sides of the filter, being careful not to agitate your coffee bed too much. 

Note: for this last pour use a circular motion but stay centered in your coffee bed creating circles that are about the size of a quarter. 

10. Enjoy!