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We’re excited to share a special Morning Rituals feature on our friends Sara Marlowe-Hall and Matthew Zuk. We have known Sara and Zuk for years — prior to starting Canyon, and have enjoyed watching their relationship and artistic careers grow together. Both artists, they recently embarked on their first mutual creative collaboration, the results of which they are sharing in a gallery here in LA. A painter and musician, respectively, the show is a combination of visual and recorded art.

Our mutual friend, Anais Wade , photographed Sara and Zuk in the studio space where they created their work. Continue on to see more photos and learn more about this creative duo, their stories, and how they came to create this show together.

How did you meet?

Do you have a shared morning or daily ritual? Has it changed over time?

Did you both envision or dream of doing what you’re doing now, as careers? What were your paths into music and painting, respectively?

With Zuk's work often taking him on the road — and Sara, you travel a lot, as well! — do you consider yourselves in a long-distance relationship? How have you navigated that, over nine years, and are there any insights for more stationary couples?

After nine years of coexisting as artists, how was it to step into the creation world together? Any surprises?

Any plans for future collaborations?

What are your next travel destinations?