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The Health Benefits of Coffee: What Science Really Shows

It's the start of a New Year, and a great time to set intentions, create resolutions, and form new habits.  It's no secret that we love our coffee. Not just us, but Americans in general—we drink about 400 million cups of it every day. An estimated 83% of American adults drink coffee, averaging about three cups a day. Why do we love coffee so much? Most people would probably answer that they use coffee to wake them up in the morning, or provide a little pick-me-up in the afternoon. Most would also agree they love the taste. For Ally and I, we love the ritual of making coffee for each other at home, and the coziness it brings. But Sanjiv Chopra,...

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Ashleigh Parsons | Morning Rituals

You never know when a random encounter with a stranger is going to turn into an enduring friendship. Such was the case with Ashleigh Parsons. We met her a few years ago at Individual Medley in Atwater Village, and instantly hit it off!  Ashleigh is part of the genius behind Alma Restaurant. She helped open the restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles in 2012, running front of house while chef Ari Taymor ran the kitchen. One of the first aspects that made us admire Ashleigh (besides her contagious smile and bright energy!) was her commitment to making Alma about more than just the food and dining experience. Her ambition and success in creating Alma Community Outreach to support the community in Los Angeles was inspiring to us,...

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