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The Alentejo

Our darkest roast, The Alentejo was developed as an ode to classic European-style espresso that had been crafted with intention over generations. Inspired by our travels, available year-round.

About Alentejo

Origin: Brazil
Region: Ibicoara, Bahia, Brazil
Process: Pulped Natural and dried in the sun
Certification: Organic


This coffee is sourced from Fazenda Floresta, a family-owned farm operating in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Situated near the Chapada Diamantina National Park, the region is known for its mountainous cliff formations and 19th-century diamond mining.

Coffee from this farm is biodynamically cultivated — a holistic approach to agriculture where the whole operation is managed as an interconnected organism. Generating its own fertility through diverse cover-cropping, the integration of manure from livestock raised on the farm, and the application of homeopathically treated compost; biodynamic operations go beyond organic practices and place importance on the rhythms of nature.

Their coffee naturally carries a dark and rich chocolate and nuttiness. Paired with our style of roasting, this makes for a cup that carries that strength of body while maintaining the smoothness, sweetness, and clean finish we love here at Canyon. Perfect for the dark roast lover!


In developing this coffee, we found inspiration in our travels; specifically in dark, chocolatey coffees that we had enjoyed around the world. We thought of the rich roasting traditions borne in timeless places, like Tokyo, Vienna, Mokha, and Rome.

A memory of one trip in particular to Portugal stood out. On the road, passing through tiny hilltop villages built upon ancient forts, eating delicious food made from simple, time-tested ingredients, enjoying classic-style espressos that always seemed to hit the spot. These experiences and memories all found their way into our discussion around this coffee.

One of the regions we visited in Portugal, Alentejo, ultimately felt like a fitting name to encapsulate this classic dark roast, our own experiences, and timeless traditions.

Our Ground Coffee

Over the years, we've honed in on a tried-and-true medium-coarse grind setting that works well for a range of home-brewing methods, including pour overs, coffee machines, and french press. With this grind setting, you have the power to adjust the flavor of your coffee through your coffee to water ratio and water temperature. Feel free to email us with questions or for brewing help!