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White Ceramic V60 02 Dripper

White Ceramic V60 02 Dripper

The V60 (aka Hario 02 dripper) is one of our favorite ways to make hand drip coffee at home. It's grooved sides encourage water to move through the coffee at a quicker pace, and brewing a pot usually takes no longer than three minutes. Comes with a coffee scoop for easy measuring.

Watch our video on How To Make a V60 Pour Over 

Product Details:

Solid Ceramic
Ships with a coffee measuring scoop
Made in Japan


More about Brewing with a V60:

When brewing V60 coffee, we like to use a 14-to-1 to 16-to-1 water-to-coffee ratio. What's great about the Hario 02 is that it comes with a coffee scoop that equals roughly 17 grams of whole bean coffee per scoop. This equates to roughly 1 cup of water per V60 scoop to make a delicious balanced cup of filter coffee.