How To Make a Pour Over On the V60

V60 Pour Over

Ally walks us through a step-by-step instruction of how we like to make V60 pour overs at home, including the basic coffee equipment we recommend to do it right!

The pour over is our favorite way to make coffee at home. We fell in love with the V60 for the super clean cup it makes. Start-to-finish brew time is usually around 3:00 minutes, which is about half as long as a Chemex brew time. This is thanks mostly to the grooves on the inside of the pour over, which disable the "suction" effect of a Chemex and enables the hot water to move through the coffee quicker.

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Coffee Equipment In This Video: 

V60 Pourover Set

V60 Filters

White Ceramic V60 Pour Over

Olive Wood-Handle Glass Coffee Server

Baratza Encore Burr Grinder