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Glass & Olivewood V60 Dripper

Glass & Olivewood V60 Dripper

The V60 is one of our favorite ways to make hand drip coffee at home. Its grooved sides encourage water to move through the coffee at a quicker pace, and brewing a pot usually takes no longer than three minutes.

Watch our video on How To Make a V60 Pour Over


Product Details:

Made in Japan from glass & olivewood
Comes with a black coffee scoop.

Making a Pour Over:

When brewing V60 coffee, we play with a water-to-coffee ratio between 14-to-1 to 16-to-1. What's great about the Hario 02 is that it comes with a coffee scoop that equals roughly 17 grams of whole bean coffee per scoop. This equates to roughly 1 cup of water per V60 scoop to make a deliciously balanced cup of filter coffee.