Meditation Chart

Daily Meditation Chart by Canyon Coffee

Illustrated by Casey
Letter-pressed in Downtown Los Angeles

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It seemed a little odd, at first—the idea of a coffee company making a meditation chart. But it felt less so when we connected that mindfulness and existing in the present were at the heart, if not the foundation, of starting Canyon. Turning our daily coffee-making from something rote and mundane into a ritual gave us an opportunity to slow down and make every morning special. Making coffee with intention is, in its own rite, a form of meditation.

As with coffee, meditation is something we bonded over early in our relationship. We don't claim to be advanced practitioners, by any means, but we both felt and believed in the power of a meditation practice and its ability to help us live healthier, calmer, more mindful and vibrant lives.

While many approaches to meditation exist, we've come to embrace the twice daily, 20 minute meditation practice. This approach, created by the Vedic people of ancient India, has become more widespread thanks to different groups spreading its teachings. The idea is to meditate upon waking up to reach that deeper, calmer self, and then again in the afternoon to sustain that feeling throughout the rest of the day. 

Of course, the ongoing challenge with any meditation practice always seems to revolve around keeping it up consistently. It's an ironic challenge, because we all notice the benefits of meditation, yet it proves difficult to turn it into habit.

One day, Casey drew up a little chart for us to check a box for each morning and afternoon meditation. It was simple, but it did the trick. We began keeping a consistent, twice daily meditation practice, and started to feel all the benefits. We felt calmer, more focused, more optimistic, and even started sleeping better!

Upon showing the chart to some of our friends, we were surprised at how many said they wanted a chart, too! So we decided to try making some out with our local letterpress printer here in Los Angeles.

We added a small circle around day 42, as this was the most conservative estimate we had learned for number of days of a routine to turn it into habit. 

The chart is void of actual dates, because we feel one's meditation practice starts, continues, and ends regardless of dates. If you miss a day, you can start over at Day 1, or just continue and celebrate your progress.


If you're interested in learning more, we're happy to recommend our friends The Broad Place, as well as Jeff Kober, a teacher here in Los Angeles. Both sites have more resources, including wonderful daily emails, and Jeff records his weekly talks which can be streamed through his site as well.

Daily Meditation Chart by Canyon Coffee