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V60 Pourover Set


V60 Pourover Set

The Canyon V60 Set Includes:

1 Glass Olivewood Handle Coffee Server with a White Ceramic V60 Coffee Dripper 


1 Glass Range Server with a Wood and Glass V60 Coffee Dripper 

Plus, 1 Case of 100 "02" V60 Coffee Filters  

The V60 is one of our favorite ways to make hand drip coffee at home. This perfect duo allows you to pair the V60 dripper and server of your choice - and save! 

 Watch our video on How To Make a V60 Pour Over


Making a Pour Over:

Using the measuring spoon that comes with the V60, we grind 2 scoops of whole beans and fill up to the "4" on the left side of handle on the glass server. Having those consistent parameters of the spoon and markers on the server make it easy to make consistently delicious coffee. Whenever you want to make an adjustment for the given bean you're using, you can start by adjusting your grind (although this is really only effective when you're using a burr grinder).