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Selecting Your Coffee

Not sure what Canyon Coffee to try? We're here to help!

In general, the Canyon Coffee flavor profile is smooth, balanced and caramelly. Our goal from day one has always been to produce coffees that are high quality and enjoyable on a daily basis. When people fall in love with our coffee, they usually say things like “It’s not bitter!” “It’s sweet!” “It’s not acidic!”


There are a lot of amazing coffees and roasters in the world! What makes Canyon’s coffee different?

A lot of roasters choose a roast profile (i.e. “light roast,” “medium roast,” “dark roast”) and find coffees to plug in. We’re the opposite. Rather than commit to a "roast" and then insert a coffee, we develop unique roast profiles for every coffee we source to bring out and accentuate the flavors we find interesting in it. The goal is to emphasize the flavor characteristics of each coffee that make it special!

That said, our roast profiles often fall within what people would describe as medium. To us, though, this is just a roundabout way of saying that we neither under-roast nor over-roast our coffees.

In each case, we seek to give each coffee good development time in the roastery to make it nice and soluble (for ease of getting good extraction) for easier brewing on espresso and at home. That sweet caramel undertone is a byproduct of that approach, and a good marker for what makes our coffees special!

Within that smooth, caramelly world, we have a nice selection of coffees to meet different flavor expectations.