Selecting Your Coffee

We made this page to help you choose the bag of Canyon that's right for you! See below for quick descriptors of our coffees.

In general, the Canyon Coffee flavor profile is smooth, balanced and caramelly. Our goal from day one has always been to produce coffees that are high quality and enjoyable on a daily basis.
When people fall in love with our coffee, they usually say things like “It’s not bitter!” “It’s sweet!” “It’s not acidic!”

To us, those are the basic boxes to check in making great coffee! 

To learn more about how we roast, scroll to the bottom of the page. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate! You can reach out via chat (lower right corner of the page) or shoot us an email through our Contact Page. 



 Origin: Currently Huila Department (Colombia)
Characteristics: Caramel, milk chocolate, smooth, orange peel
Good For: Espresso, French Press, Stovetop Espresso
About: Named after Beachwood Canyon (the canyon leading up to the Hollywood sign in LA), where Canyon founders Ally & Casey met. This is our go-to for espresso, but it also works great for drip.



Origin: Ethiopia
Characteristics: Floral (bergamot), persimmon, lime-like acidity
Good For: Drip, Pour Over, Bright Espresso, Aeropress
About: The Worka is our first coffee from Yirgacheffe, considered the birthplace of coffee. The region is known for producing nice floral coffees. The Worka Chelbesa has a nice persimmon note (Ally's favorite California fruit!), with a clean bergamot and jasmine finish, and a lime-like acidity. 



Origin: Brazil
Characteristics: Dark chocolate, nutty, dark
Good For: Dark roast lovers! Espresso, French Press.
About: Developed as an ode to classic Italian-style espresso, which was typically sourced from Brazil. Rather than over-roast coffee to make a “dark roast,” we sourced a chocolatey coffee and roasted it to keep it from being bitter or burnt-tasting!
Named after the central region of Portugal—both for the Portuguese connection with Brazil, and for a trip Ally & Casey took there when they were developing Canyon Coffee.



Origin: Colombia
Characteristics: Chocolate, nougat, stone fruit, round
Good For: Drip, Pour Over, French Press, Smooth but bright Espresso
About: The Tolima is sweet and round on drip. It’s probably our lightest roast, because it carries such a solid sweet caramelly-ness that it doesn’t require a lot of development time in the roaster to emphasize.
Colombia is an ideal origin for coffees because they have two harvest seasons every year, giving us easy access to fresh coffee year-round.



Origin: Papua New Guinea
Characteristics: Ginger, molasses, juicy currant
Good For: Drip, French Press, Pour Over, Aeropress
About: This is a great coffee for the coffee-curious! It's been our favorite at home on pour over lately. Papua New Guinea (PNG) is thought of as a producer of “earthy” coffees. The Aparila is unique as a PNG because it has a great clarity and smoothness.



Origin: Varies. Currently Rwanda
Characteristics: Chocolatey, with some nuttiness and citrus
Good For: Drip, Pour Over, Espresso, French Press
About: This decaf is great. We take it seriously! Some coffee lovers can’t handle caffeine. Luckily, we care about our decaf, and source top quality coffees that are chocolatey and usually carry something interesting on the high end of the flavor profile.
We call it “Afternoon Decaf” because, even as regular caffeine-drinkers, sometimes we like to have an afternoon cup of coffee that won’t keep us up at night!



There are a lot of amazing coffees and roasters in the world! What makes Canyon’s coffee different?

A lot of roasters choose a roast profile (i.e. “light roast,” “medium roast,” “dark roast”) and find coffees to plug in. We’re the opposite. Rather than commit to a "roast" and then insert a coffee, we develop unique roast profiles for every coffee we source to bring out and accentuate the flavors we find interesting in it. The goal is to emphasize the flavor characteristics of each coffee that make it special!

That said, our roast profiles often fall within what people would describe as medium. To us, though, this is just a roundabout way of saying that we neither under-roast nor over-roast our coffees.

In each case, we seek to give each coffee good development time in the roastery to make it nice and soluble (for ease of getting good extraction) for easier brewing on espresso and at home. That sweet caramel undertone is a byproduct of that approach, and a good marker for what makes our coffees special! 

Within that smooth, caramelly world, we have a nice selection of coffees to meet different flavor expectations. 

We hope you're able to find a coffee that fits your palette, and maybe take a chance on something interesting and new outside your usual!