The Canyon Coffee trio box, featuring two 12 ounce bags of whole bean coffee and a box of Canyon Instant coffee

Trio Box

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The Trio is a great intro to Canyon Coffee, and the perfect gift for a Canyon lover :)

The Trio Box features two of our seasonal coffees, paired with a box of the Canyon Instant.
Our current whole bean selection includes:
Trying out the Trio gives you (or someone special) the opportunity to enjoy two delicious and notably distinct coffees at home, while equipping you with our award-winning Canyon Instant coffee for those moments when a good cup is needed but hard to find—on the plane, on the road, on the job, etc. 
As with all our coffees, we feel the whole bean options we choose for this box have been produced exceptionally well. The cherries are watched over and cared for meticulously, and plucked by hand at just the right moment of ripeness. If you're new to the specialty coffee world, trying these coffees out will be a great introduction to just how special and vibrant coffees can be, while showcasing the differences between origins (in this case, Colombia and Uganda).
For seasoned coffee veterans, the balanced sweetness and tasting notes will come as a welcome and enjoyable experience. 
We hope you enjoy!
Not seeing a coffee you want? Shoot us a message and let's talk :)